Thursday, March 5, 2015


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Pit a feisty, she-cat against a reluctant interloper and watch the sparks fly.

When Elizabeth McDaniel's reclusive, sheltered existence on her grandfather's farm is invaded by Derek Huston, she cannot possibly imagine the stunning result of his intrusion into her life. And he has no idea how enchanted he will become with the lovely, spit-fire redhead who demonstrates her dead-eye, rifle aim on their first encounter.

Their first clash of wills precedes a budding romance, the flowering of Elizabeth's musical talents with a guitar provided by Derek, and Derek's acceptance into the family. No one suspects that Derek has a hidden agenda so explosive that, when revealed, it turns Elizabeth's world upside down and her image of herself inside out.

No longer able to trust Derek on any level, she erases him from her life and from her heart.

Is there any hope that Derek can regain her confidence and her love?

Find out in this delightful, warm, touching, compelling account of two people whose lives are dramatically changed by each other and who have to sort through the rubble of their existence before they can know if they have a future together.


“I’ll be glad to, Ma’am. As soon as you quit pointing that rifle in my direction.”

Quickly, the gaze from Derek Huston’s dark brown eyes swept down the long, gray gunbarrel and stopped at a pair of blazing green eyes set in a sea of light freckles and topped by a mop of curly red hair. Their slightly built, twenty-something owner wore a faded long-sleeved work shirt and jeans. Derek stood deathly still.

“You just turn around and march right back to where you come from. My grandpa’s dyin’, and he deserves to die in peace.” Her voice quavered as she blinked back tears. “Now, put your hands up, turn around, and get!” Her steely tone returned. She meant business. She backed up her demand with a threatening step toward him off the porch of the old, paint-weary house.

Derek’s attention flashed back to the spot where the May afternoon sun glinted off the business end of her weapon. “I’m here to talk to Oscar McDaniel,” he said, standing his ground.

“What’s the matter, Mister? You gone deaf?” Her squinted eyes and the almost imperceptible twitch of her trigger finger were obviously meant to intimidate him.

He carefully raised his hands above his head. “If you kill me, the sheriff will haul you off to jail. Then who’s going to take care of and protect your grandpa?”

“Nobody won’t know you’re dead if you just up and disappear. I got a shovel and I know how to use it.”


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  1. Patti, I am SO looking forward to reading this book of yours. It looks like Derek has his hands full, and Elizabeth is not going to put that gun down any time soon! LOL

  2. Patti, you know I love this novel. So sweet and funny, and a real page turner, too.

  3. Hi Patti. Congratulations! I'm looking forward to this one.

  4. Well, I know for certain the lady is no shrinking violet. LOL I don't know what Derek has in mind with his hidden agenda, but I'm hoping it won't make me despise him. Great conflict in this story. I can see it's going to be fun to read.
    I wish you every success with Who Is Elizabeth?, Patti. All the very best to you and yours.

  5. Patti, congratulations on your release! These two are definitely in for some fireworks.

  6. Best wishes, Patti, and congratulations on the release of your book.

    Robyn Echols writing as Zina Abbott

  7. Love this excerpt, Patti. Looks like you have a real winner here. I like stories where the female character has a backbone and it looks like she has enough to stand up to anything Derek has in mind. Best wishes with your new release.

  8. Patti, loved the excerpt and it definitely pulled me in from the first word--can't wait to read more. Both your characters are strong, determined and oh my, full of spit and vinegar, that's for sure. I'm sure it's going to be a wild ride for both of them. Readers are at your mercy with this one--how could anyone read this excerpt and blurb and not to continue to see the what the heck happens. Wishing you much success and hope all is going well at your home. Prayers for your family sent your way and a big hug.

  9. Now this sounds like a winner. Love the premise and the excerpt.. Best to you. Doris McCraw/Angela Raines