Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Two New Releases -- Jonquils in the Snow & Over the Coals by Laurean Brooks


Miranda Stevens' fiancé skipped town two days before the wedding. Two years later, she is ready to move on.

Brady Watson's anger toward the drunken driver responsible for his wife's death three years ago has turned into grief.

Will Miranda help Brady find the strength to relinquish the past and embrace a new beginning? Could the answer be found in something as simple as a cluster of jonquils blooming in the snow?

"A beautiful, heartwarming story of grief and loneliness being overcome by love; Miranda and Brady touched my heart and the author's wit made me smile. Definitely a thumbs up read." ~ Rebecca J. Vickery

"A beautiful story of hope reborn through tragedy. Well written- a quick engaging read. Laurean Brooks will not disappoint!" ~ Anna Nation

"Laurean Brooks has written a delightful Christian romance novella. Not only does it relate what can happen when we allow ourselves to listen to God, but also how people can start over with the right person." ~ GG, Avid Reader

"I loved the story that has heartache, the pain of love, loss, and new beginnings. ... Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own. ~ Redrabbit


At first glance, Jill Landers pegs the gregarious man at the grill as an egotistical ladies' man. A closer look reveals something else. Why does Rob Canter's personality shift between two polar opposites? Jill determines to find out.

Rob Canter is hiding something. The boisterous, fun-loving Rob is a cover-up. But clowning around comes easier than facing reality. Why can't he have a bright future with the woman he loves? But Jill must never know.

Will Jill's attempt to dig beneath the surface expose the gentle man who stole her heart? Or will Rob continue to run from his past and relinquish his chance for happiness with Jill?


Friday, April 14, 2017


Are you ready for some excellent reading over this Easter weekend? After a day of hunting eggs, eating a good Easter dinner and visiting with relatives, it’s time to settle down with your chocolate and a BASKET OF PRP EASTER BARGAINS—for only .99!

We’re offering a collection from some of our imprints that we feel are appropriate for this Easter season—stories that you’re bound to enjoy, no matter what your preferred genre might be. And for only .99? You can’t beat that! But hurry—these books are only on sale for a few days, from Friday through Monday morning. Don’t miss out!

Sara is a blessed donkey with a magical story to tell! She has been with the Holy Family since before Jesus was born—for she was THE DONKEY THAT CARRIED MARY. From the seemingly endless journey to Bethlehem that long-ago night of his birth, to the dark day of his crucifixion, Sara bears witness to the most important happenings of all time. When she saves the Holy Family from two would-be robbers, Jesus grants Sara immortality—a gift she takes seriously. Never far from Mary’s side, Sara vows to protect her from other humans who would cause her harm.

Join Sara and Mary on their travels together in this unforgettable story for all ages. Who can say that animals cannot talk if they wish? Especially one as special as THE DONKEY THAT CARRIED MARY…

From teenagers to Grandma and Grandpa, everyone will love this story told by Sara, the donkey who carried Jesus’ mother, Mary, on their journey and lived out the long life Jesus promised her, always at Mary’s side. Not a Sunday school lesson, but a warm and funny story of animals and people that brings Biblical events alive in a new way.
—Judy Alter, WWA Hall of Fame writer and author of the Kelly O'Connell

OUTLAW HEART by Tanya Hanson
When ex-outlaw Bronx Sanderson arrives in Leadville, Colorado, he has plans to make a new start and put his past behind him. But right away, he meets flame-haired Lila Brewster, a beautiful widow who reminds him of someone from the past he’s trying to forget.

Lila does so much for everyone else at the mission she and her late husband, Emmett, started, she has no time to think of her own wishes. It comes as quite a surprise when she finds herself attracted to Bronx Sanderson—especially since she’s vowed in her heart to keep the mission—and her preacher husband’s memory—alive.

With advice from Doc Holliday and a meddlesome landlady, can Bronx and Lila make their own future? When a Pinkerton detective shows up, Bronx is between a rock and a hard place—but he’s determined to quit running. Lila’s domineering brother-in-law also arrives in Leadville to try to force her to marry him. If Bronx is arrested, what choice will Lila have?

Annie and Stuart Rayburn have loved each other since high school. Their life is idyllic until their baby dies of SIDS, and Annie falls into a deep depression. Months of therapy help her recover, and they look forward to another child sometime in their future.

Despite his own grief Stuart tries to comfort Annie, yet when he reaches for her in the night, his advances are rebuffed. In a moment of weakness, he turns to another woman. Stu learns his night of infidelity produced a baby girl. The mother died in a car crash, and her will gives Stu custody.

Stu can’t deny the child is his, and he’s determined to raise her. He begs Annie’s forgiveness. Hurt and angry, Annie must face her demons, decide if she can forgive Stu, and love the innocent child, or divorce him and move on without the only man she’s likely to love.

OLIVE U by David L. Johnston
An aging Baptist preacher in small-town Kansas. The members of a band who play contemporary Christian music in Los Angeles. Beyond their love for the Lord Jesus and His people, they have only their struggles with failure and success in common—until tragedy brings them together on Christmas Eve.

When Paul Knight joins the members of Olive U, the group instantly jumps from local cover band to sought-after opener at concerts across the nation. The problem is Paul may not know the Lord as well as he claims.

After a tornado of historic proportions rips through Kansas, an elderly Baptist preacher, Ron Best, faces challenges to his doctrinal beliefs and failure after failure in his ministry. But the Holy Spirit keeps pushing him forward.

Olive U is the story of how God brings these men together for Christmas Eve on the wind-swept Kansas Plains.

HER SANCTUARY by Tracy Garrett
Abandoned in River’s Bend, Missouri, by the members of an uncharitable wagon train headed west, Maggie Flanaghan finds herself in trouble with nowhere to turn. But in the citizens of the small town, she discovers friends and acceptance upon the death of her dear father—and catches the attention of the town’s most eligible bachelor. When her past threatens to destroy her happiness, she must choose to flee or fight for the sanctuary of a good man’s love.

Kristoph Oltmann hadn’t planned on still being alone with no wife and partner to share his life. He thought Maggie Flanaghan was the answer to his prayers, but her secret past makes her unsuitable as a preacher’s wife. Can he believe Maggie has been heaven-sent in spite of her predicament? Can he be HER SANCTUARY, even as she is exactly what he longs for—a haven for his heart?

Liza Ralston has had more adventure in her life than she ever wanted. Leaving her settled existence with friends and family in St. Louis to travel to the Big Sky country of wild Montana with her father, she soon wishes she could turn the clock back. When their scout is murdered and her father is severely wounded by thieves, the Pikuni tribe led by Crying Wind takes them in. But Liza wants nothing more than to return to St. Louis, despite her growing attraction for Red Eagle, the handsome son of a white trapper and Blackfeet mother.

Red Eagle has tried to help Liza and her father, but Liza has a mind of her own. She doesn’t understand that the refined ways of civilized society in St. Louis have not yet reached the untamed land she is traveling now with her missionary father—a man who has secrets of his own that he is unwilling to share. She is left with no choice but to accept the help of Red Eagle’s tribe to save the life of her father. But the events leading up to Baker’s Massacre of 1870 force her to discover a new path for herself—a path leading to love, redemption…and revenge.

Will Red Eagle and Liza find the love they’ve been waiting for? Beauty, treachery and danger lie ACROSS THE SWEET GRASS HILLS.

ACROSS THE SWEET GRASS HILLS won the 2002 WILLA Literary Award for Best Softcover Fiction, by Women Writing the West. It also placed as a quarter-finalist in the 2000 Chesterfield Film Project.

THE CALLING by Sara Barnard
Esau Fitzpatrick is bad at being good—and even worse at being bad. As he waits for his sweetheart, Ella Allen, inside the Paisley Settlement church, a brewing storm erupts and lightning strikes, setting the church aflame. Ella and her parents pull Esau from the fire, but his parents are lost in the blazing inferno.

Angry at God, Esau flees his home and all he holds dear, only to fall in with the notorious Covington-Jones gang. He journeys down the path to destruction and darkness, reliving the hellish fire in his nightmares.

Ella clings to the prayer that Esau will find his way back to a godly path – and to her. But Esau is gone, and her world is falling to pieces. Ella must lean on God in a way she’s never had to before as she follows her heart against everyone’s wishes. Can she dare to believe that Esau will ever change?

Esau’s life as an outlaw comes to a head during an epic cattle rustle. He is forced to choose between eternal hellfire and the rocky path of the Lord. Will Ella still be waiting for him? Or has he lost her forever? God reaches out to Esau again, but will it be in time?

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

New Release -- In a Flash: Up from the Deep by David L. Johnston -- Giveaway!

Six months after a catastrophic solar flare cracks the sky and bathes Earth in high radiation, killing much of the population and destroying most of humanity’s technology, the starving crew of the USS Colorado, a fleet ballistic missile submarine, is forced to surface and send a party ashore to forage for food. But instead of food, the sailors find a town in shambles, home after home filled with death, disease, high radiation, and bands of evil, violent men. Instead of food, the sailors discover the last thing they thought they would find—forbidden love.

Struggling with his Christian values and his desire to obey Navy regulations about fraternizing, Walter Jacks is blindsided by his own heart when he realizes he is falling deeply in love with smart and extraordinarily beautiful Seaman Sharon Parkers. The shore party’s mission, and Jacks’s grasp of reality, are further complicated when they find a mysterious young girl amoung the ruins—an adorable child with astonishing supernatural abilities.

While fighting to protect his shipmates, as well as his spiritual survival, in a dying world, Jacks is forced to face the question: Is the Bible true? If God’s Word is true, then where in the prophesy does His reality appear?

IN A FLASH: UP FROM THE DEEP is a riveting post-apocalyptic military thriller, the first in a series of truly epic scope from acclaimed author David L. Johnston.


In the Americas, which had been shielded by the earth, our astronomers quickly figured out what had happened and reported the awful news to our shocked nations. The people we had been able to speak with—fishermen off Central and South America—said they were sad for the rest of the world, while rejoicing for having been spared themselves.
Then, Mr. Unexpected made the scene.
Well, a handful of survivors did anticipate what would come next, we figured, but they must have been ignored for the vital hours that might have made the difference. But most of us had nary a clue.
Crews on Russian strategic ballistic missile submarines lost contact with their headquarters because the atmosphere over Asia was highly ionized and radio traffic could not penetrate it. Pre-Flash strategists going back to the 1950s had theorized that one goal of a preemptive strike would be to disrupt the enemy’s communications. Therefore, each nation that deployed strategic deterrent forces had developed a protocol for their force commanders to follow in the event of a prolonged loss of comms.
Russian boomer commanders followed their protocol. We learned that our attack boats stopped just two Russian subs from launching their missiles. And, thus, on Day Two AF, almost every US metropolitan area with a population of over a million was destroyed. A few smaller population centers of strategic value also got dumped on.
Colorado had been on a strategic deterrent patrol when the Flash struck. After the Russian attack, we received one badly garbled radio message from the national command authority—the president. He explained what had happened and that the destruction of our homes was a mistake. As nearly as we could decipher, he ordered us to defend ourselves and to search for enemy boomers and determine their intentions. But under no circumstances were we to launch our missiles in retaliation; there was nobody in the target cities to retaliate against, anyhow.
Hooyah, Mr. President!

But that was the last message we received before the radios became useless in the Western Hemisphere as well.

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