Tuesday, December 20, 2016

New Release -- THE DONKEY THAT CARRIED MARY by Randy Lee Eickhoff -- Giveaway!

Sara is a blessed donkey with a magical story to tell! She has been with the Holy Family since before Jesus was born—for she was THE DONKEY THAT CARRIED MARY. From the seemingly endless journey to Bethlehem that long-ago night of his birth, to the dark day of his crucifixion, Sara bears witness to the most important happenings of all time. When she saves the Holy Family from two would-be robbers, Jesus grants Sara immortality—a gift she takes seriously. Never far from Mary’s side, Sara vows to protect her from other humans who would cause her harm.

Join Sara and Mary on their travels together in this unforgettable story for all ages. Who can say that animals cannot talk if they wish? Especially one as special as THE DONKEY THAT CARRIED MARY…
From teenagers to Grandma and Grandpa, everyone will love this story told by Sara, the donkey who carried Jesus’ mother, Mary, on their journey and lived out the long life Jesus promised her, always at Mary’s side. Not a Sunday school lesson, but a warm and funny story of animals and people that brings Biblical events alive in a new way.
—Judy Alter, WWA Hall of Fame writer and author of the Kelly O'Connell Mysteries


     “Oh, for the love of God,” the second pigeon said in exasperation. He fluttered his wings and flew away, pausing to leave some droppings on the head of a stable boy coming into the stable.
     “He had that coming. The stable boy, I mean,” the first said. “The boy threw a stone at my friend two days ago, narrowly missing him, and scaring a few months out of his life—which he can ill afford.”
     Then he lifted his wings and followed the other pigeon.
     “Hmm,” I said. The oats had been lightly laced with honey and were very, very good. “On the other thing. Elizabeth being with child. What does it matter?” I asked a nearby mouse.
     “You,” he said loftily, “have little appreciation for the events happening.”
     I shook my head, swallowing the oats. I eyed him, speculating. If I took only half a bite, then another half, and so on, I would not run out. Theoretically, at least.
     “Things will happen, or things will not,” I said. “I can’t change them one way or the other. So, I do not worry about them. Just go here and there as Joseph wishes. Although,” I added reflectively, “Mary did seem a little heavier this trip than before. Ah, well. It means nothing.”
     The mouse looked like he had eaten too many chunks of stale cheese.
     “Just for good measure!” he shouted then gasped, groaned, and released a small cloud of gas before sliding under a stall board.
     I had to smile at that.

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