Tuesday, April 11, 2017

New Release -- In a Flash: Up from the Deep by David L. Johnston -- Giveaway!

Six months after a catastrophic solar flare cracks the sky and bathes Earth in high radiation, killing much of the population and destroying most of humanity’s technology, the starving crew of the USS Colorado, a fleet ballistic missile submarine, is forced to surface and send a party ashore to forage for food. But instead of food, the sailors find a town in shambles, home after home filled with death, disease, high radiation, and bands of evil, violent men. Instead of food, the sailors discover the last thing they thought they would find—forbidden love.

Struggling with his Christian values and his desire to obey Navy regulations about fraternizing, Walter Jacks is blindsided by his own heart when he realizes he is falling deeply in love with smart and extraordinarily beautiful Seaman Sharon Parkers. The shore party’s mission, and Jacks’s grasp of reality, are further complicated when they find a mysterious young girl amoung the ruins—an adorable child with astonishing supernatural abilities.

While fighting to protect his shipmates, as well as his spiritual survival, in a dying world, Jacks is forced to face the question: Is the Bible true? If God’s Word is true, then where in the prophesy does His reality appear?

IN A FLASH: UP FROM THE DEEP is a riveting post-apocalyptic military thriller, the first in a series of truly epic scope from acclaimed author David L. Johnston.


In the Americas, which had been shielded by the earth, our astronomers quickly figured out what had happened and reported the awful news to our shocked nations. The people we had been able to speak with—fishermen off Central and South America—said they were sad for the rest of the world, while rejoicing for having been spared themselves.
Then, Mr. Unexpected made the scene.
Well, a handful of survivors did anticipate what would come next, we figured, but they must have been ignored for the vital hours that might have made the difference. But most of us had nary a clue.
Crews on Russian strategic ballistic missile submarines lost contact with their headquarters because the atmosphere over Asia was highly ionized and radio traffic could not penetrate it. Pre-Flash strategists going back to the 1950s had theorized that one goal of a preemptive strike would be to disrupt the enemy’s communications. Therefore, each nation that deployed strategic deterrent forces had developed a protocol for their force commanders to follow in the event of a prolonged loss of comms.
Russian boomer commanders followed their protocol. We learned that our attack boats stopped just two Russian subs from launching their missiles. And, thus, on Day Two AF, almost every US metropolitan area with a population of over a million was destroyed. A few smaller population centers of strategic value also got dumped on.
Colorado had been on a strategic deterrent patrol when the Flash struck. After the Russian attack, we received one badly garbled radio message from the national command authority—the president. He explained what had happened and that the destruction of our homes was a mistake. As nearly as we could decipher, he ordered us to defend ourselves and to search for enemy boomers and determine their intentions. But under no circumstances were we to launch our missiles in retaliation; there was nobody in the target cities to retaliate against, anyhow.
Hooyah, Mr. President!

But that was the last message we received before the radios became useless in the Western Hemisphere as well.

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  1. The potential reality of this story just sends chills up my spine. An excellent story that you'll be caught up in from the very first page!

  2. Wow, what a story this reads to be. Congratulations on the publication of this one. Doris